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February 10th, 2016

Theft via inflation: no problem!
Theft via negative interest rates: we’re working on it!

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@kristovatlas Not really; nodes have the final “say.”

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@kristovatlas Enables you to actually enforce the rule changes you want.

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If you participate in discussions about Bitcoin protocol changes but don’t run a full node then you’re not the signal, you’re the noise.

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BitGo Almost hacked: Real world story about one of the many ways BitGo can save you in a tough situation.

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@mattblaze IBM has a team of engineers working on IoT + blockchain for security + smart contracts for selling sensor data.

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@emilepetrone @Piotr14Tra Don’t expect the government to update its laws to match reality ;-)

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@Piotr14Tra The car would know what legal jurisdiction it is currently in and apply the appropriate laws accordingly.

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Autonomous cars will likely be programmed to obey all traffic laws. Will they refuse to move until passengers fasten seat belts?

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Bitcoin Classic dev team says they intend to work on faster block propagation and validation

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@TradeBlock I think your mempool stats are off - size went down during long block times today & you’re showing 0.00 transactions per second.

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