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February 27th, 2016

Someone’s being naughty & maxing out bandwidth by requesting large blocks in a loop. And they have a message.

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@Benathon @Technom4ge It’s possible if you are spending a lot of low value outputs, creating a transaction with a large data size.

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Explaining “high fees” to users who collect dusty outputs generally doesn’t make them happier. Lightning Network will enable us to fix this.

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Bitcoin fees being disconnected from value sent is great when you can send $1,000,000 for $0.10 but not so much when sending $10 costs $3.

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@morcosa Hm, but shouldn’t all 0.12 nodes be affected roughly the same? None of my others saw this spike - did any of yours?

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mikebelshe Been blogging for 10yrs. First time I got DDoS’d is after my block size posts. What does this tell us?

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Fun @ethereumproject stats:
3.9% of all ether is stored in contracts
13.3% of all ether is held by @Poloniex

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n1ckler Ethereum app post-mortem shows how simple contracts can contain subtle bugs due to gas limits

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@morcosa My statoshi node jacked up 2 block target fee estimate 12 hours ago but other nodes still show 44,000…

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