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February 12th, 2016

@IanAdAstra There have been ponzi schemes that used cryptocurrency, though I can’t recall any cryptocurrency that itself was a ponzi.

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John Ratcliff explains Lightning Network for those of you who don’t have degrees in Cryptography & Computer Science:

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@brianchoffman It’s not too late to rebrand to “OpenBizarre”

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If entities try to exert legal pressure upon cryptocurrency devs, I suspect that they will stop developing and “Satoshi” will return. ;-)

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@kristovatlas Basically, could add any additional attributes of CNode here:

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@kristovatlas Doesn’t to user agent since that could get messy & statsd doesn’t allow spaces in metrics. I could gauge nVersion…

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RT @el33th4xor: Welcome to the Pirate Bay of Science

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@matthew_d_green @ncardozo You could argue Bitcoin is already illegal because the blockchain contains illegal content. Bitcoin doesn’t care.

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@MrChrisEllis “resulting new currency” is a stretch given that the vast majority of UTXOs are valid on both chains of the fork.

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