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April 26th, 2016

@BitcoinBelle @kristovatlas You mean @obpp_org? I’m just trying to find a chart that denotes which wallets only have static fees.

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Are there any popular Bitcoin wallets / services that still have not implemented dynamic transaction fees?

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@domiwoe @drwasho I would assume as much; I didn’t ask about their testing environment :-)

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@drwasho Sure, it’s not like they’re creating blocks. Sounds doable:

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@martindale Yep, it’s interesting to see the perspectives of people at the hyperledger meetup about why permissioned is superior for biz.

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Hyperledger is reporting that they have improved their practical byzantine fault tolerance algorithm to 10ms latency. AKA 10ms “confirms.”

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@mikestable Embedded images are much more convenient!

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