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February 9th, 2018

@pyskell @TuurDemeester I’ve had folks tell me that I’m not an engineer because I don’t have an engineering degree…

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@gold_pressed I’m pretty sure that anyone who proposes confiscating Satoshi’s coins is going to get laughed out of…

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@jimmysong My favorite theory is that Satoshi was an NSA team and the coins are sitting there as an early warning s…

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@DanDarkPill It happens; folks are free to interpret my words however they wish and some will inevitably misinterpr…

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@RSTMSN @aantonop @starkness Folks have been asking this question on the LND slack and it seems the answer is no.

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@RSTMSN @aantonop @starkness Hmmm not sure; I think this would only work if the wallet functionality was being used…

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@DanDarkPill I never said that his words had merit. 😉

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@DanDarkPill Heh I never said CSW is Satoshi, just that it didn’t matter even if his unsubstantiated claims are true.

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Fooled by a Faketoshi once: shame on you for not requiring cryptographic proof. Fooled by Faketoshis twice: your reputation’s rekt.

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I’m not addicted to crypto, I’m just suffering from attention surplus syndrome.

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@LeeWallisUK That’s why you have to set up your cold storage in a way that you don’t have direct access to it.

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