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July 3rd, 2020

How many person hours are y’all folks spending to build denylists into your development tools? Sounds like…M9

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Bitcoin is worth approximately 1 Bezos.

But Bezos will never be able to buy up all the bitcoin.

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@nic__carter ‘Tis the only way to run a Federal Reserve Node that can defend the petrodollar!

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jimmysong I just published Bitcoin: A Declaration of Monetary Independence…

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@twobitidiot Just a natural point in the cycle!

Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good…p4

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CasaHODL Casa engineers recently rewrote our back end infrastructure to use Electrum. As a part of this change we…Te

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No inflation without representation!

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Attackers have profited from inflation bugs in:
Bitcoin Private
Verge (accelerated…w3

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You can cancel my Twitter account.
You can cancel my YouTube account.
You’ll never cancel my Bitcoin account.

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@StackinBits Not in this case - it’s a one-time performance testing script that just writes a CSV with timing values.

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