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July 18th, 2020

@HectorRosekrans You clearly don’t live in a state with fire ants.

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@Excellion @elonmusk Would that make Litecoin the real universe? IIRC dogecoin is merge mined from it.

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@nvk It’s funny because entities that are capable of manufacturing nuclear weapons don’t ask for permission to do so.

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CasaHODL Casa offers a level of service that’s unparalleled in the self custody space. Our client advisors are happy to…KX

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@_PistolPete___ My recent tweets have been conceptual, I’m not claiming that they are actually happening with…F5

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Literally no one deserves to be subject to covert extrajudicial detention and punishment. Not even people you…18

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@phish_coin Defense against an authoritarian state obviously doesn’t work if you’re a lone wolf; it requires guerrilla forces.

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If a paramilitary force starts disappearing citizens, that’s the Schutzstaffel.

If the SS shows up in your area,…eK

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