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November 4th, 2021

@CoinDesk @cheyenneligon Meh, his testimony is worthless. Only way I can see it being interesting is if he gets punished for perjury.

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in the near future professional shitposters will earn a living from bitcoin twitter tips received for dunking on @paulkrugman

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@balajis very odd they didn’t share their pronouns

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@paulkrugman @BitcoinIsSaving You should fax this message to Eric Adams ASAP

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@Avisky @h4n5um @chia_project Haven’t looked into it deeply enough to have an opinion.

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ser, if I “invest in $floydmayweather” is this an investment of money in a common enterprise with the expectation o…

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sooooo does this corporate vaccine mandate apply to companies that are 100% remote because clown world would make that a yes

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@Toxicsmoke54 Not hard, though much harder for non-experts to verify.

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Smart - there’s no good reason to use guns that are capable of firing live ammunition on a movie set given what pos…

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@h4n5um I learned everything I needed to know about solana when I tried to run a validator on the most powerful desktop I own.

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“I AM HODLING-ish” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

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