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November 11th, 2021

@APompliano Satoshi didn’t pre-mine bitcoin, just look at the block timestamps.

Patoshi didn’t even “fast mine” bi…

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@adam3us I wouldn’t mind getting some more free fake bitcoin to convert to real bitcoin…

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Happy Veterans Day to everyone who fought in the fork wars!

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yo @DollarGeneral @DollarTree @myfamilydollar

have you considered rebranding?

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RT @Bitvice_: Ricki chats to Callum McArthur about how his multisig setup saved his entire Bitcoin stack after a burglary at his home.


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RT @lopp: Them: “Listen up, I’m an acclaimed economist.”
Them: “Listen up, I’m a billionaire investor.”
Them: “Listen up, I’m a central ban…

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can I stake <city>coin in lieu of paying taxes plzkgr8thx

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@PeterMcCormack just move here already

you get a free gun if you buy a property > 10 acres

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@notsofast 😇 turns out he already minted it; I guess nobody noticed!

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After surveying the landscape of NFT art I only found one I felt was worth buying. I am now the owner of @27bslash6…

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RT @CNBC: WATCH: @CNBCTechCheck’s @dee_bosa chats with @microstrategy Founder & CEO @saylor and @blockstream Chief Strategy Officer @excell…

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@aparnalocked @NewYorkTimes_es Use a dedicated virtual credit card for each service; close credit card when you want to stop service. 😇

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@jimwyman5 pretty sure it’s a synonym for “retreat”

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An innocent bystander in a recent gas station robbery, a Bitcoin ATM was shot but continues to function.

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@balajis Where on the S curve is violence most likely? 🤔

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“What are your retirement plans?” is a question asked by folks who are unfulfilled by their work under the assumpti…

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Respect the boomers - they built the base layers of the internet. We stand upon the shoulders of bewildered giants.

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