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November 10th, 2021

Bitcoin According to official numbers, your $USD is now losing 1% of its value every 30 days.

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RT @ggreenwald: I never commented on the Rittenhouse case until I started watching large chunks of the trial, and all I can say is that any…

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RT @JeremyRubin: roles at / sapio currently open, DM me

looking for:

- “ops jack of all trades” (hr/re…

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Now the judge is schooling the prosecutor on the ballistic properties of different ammunition types and how the pro…

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The prosecutor in the Rittenhouse trial is really grasping at straws and the judge is ripping him a new asshole.

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Rittenhouse judge mentioned “ignorantia juris non excusat” - that ignorance of law is not an excuse.

The presumpti…

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When folks tweet really bad takes for engagement farming, they turn off replies so that:

A) They can’t get ratioed…

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@ErikVoorhees We want to take over so that we can leave people alone.

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@WayneVaughan Saw an older guy on his phone complaining about getting rug pulled on some BSC DEX. Was surprising to see it IRL.

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You never know what you’re gonna find when you look through the posting history of the Bitcoin hater du jour…

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@NeerajKA well yeah it’s practically free money

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Lotta folks out here claiming they’ve “made it” and yet they haven’t even upgraded their hit points, armor, weapons…

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“Bitcoin is an ideological attack against the legitimacy of fiat currency!”

Is it an attack to show that the fiat emperors have no clothes?

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