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March 11th, 2022

@coinyeezy @kelseyhightower how will anyone give a fuck about a frog’s concern trolling

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@kelseyhightower That’s OK; the system will continue functioning regardless of how well you understand it.

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@kelseyhightower Tell us you don’t understand game theory and security models without telling us you don’t understa…

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Indeed; Bitcoin inverted the command and control hierarchy that is used to manipulate many aspects of civilization…

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enough nukes to turn the world to glass
doesn’t hold a candle to the deterrent
of a rifle behind every blade of grass

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@laurashin XRP Army used to be worse though they seem to have withered.

Try writing something critical of CSW ;-)

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@PeterMcCormack @pamelawjd It will be a fascinating phenomenon for sociologists to study. I’d suggest that the shor…

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