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June 14th, 2022

No bailouts for gamblers in Bitcoin.

On the bright side, prudent folks get to scoop up their assets at firesale prices.

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@briankrebs Is this a cryptic way of claiming that only criminals use cryptocurrency?

You don’t believe there is v…

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@briankrebs Why do you hate freedom? Because some people abuse it?

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@csuwildcat Is a pizza truly scarce when it can feed 100 million people?

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CasaHODL Helping HODLers not get rekt, one withdrawal from custodians at a time.

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The cost of living doesn’t increase.
The value of your income decreases.

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@coryklippsten @prestonjbyrne Heh Midas had even more red flags than Celsius when I looked into it last year.

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