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June 19th, 2022

@cobie it’s only a temporary loss of impermanent loss protection, nbd

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@jdh @haralabob Sounds like you’re referring to the “Nation” group which has a quite diverse set of participants. I…

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@Shawn_OMalley_ Looks like @coinmetrics does. Surprisingly the 5 year active supply is quite high; around 113B DOGE

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In retrospect, the folks screaming WAGMI were most likely NGMI.

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@intangiblecoins at the end of the day you’re just buying time

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Being a venture investor is much less stressful than being a crypto investor because it’s basically impossible to t…

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@cobie do you identify as a hedge fund?

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@Shawn_OMalley_ A better question would be to ask what the market cap of all DOGE that have actually moved in the p…

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