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February 18th, 2023

Why do miners sometimes create empty blocks even when there are transactions waiting to be confirmed? Is this a…tX

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Crony capitalists get paid to solve a problem they pay to perpetuate.…

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Along with today’s article about calculating double spend risks for confirmed transactions, I’m releasing a new…UC

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@vazertuche None of those attributes matter with regard to confirmation security, as they are all randomness…3E

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ArminMayrhofer Eye opening insight: With the current mining hashrate distribution, “Foundry has 36% of the global hashrate”. “…h3

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@_Zero_Knowledge Deleted because Twitter’s link preview feature isn’t working. Seems to be broken - SAD!

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The security provided by 1 confirmation in Bitcoin’s blockchain actually varies over time as a result of…G8

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@callebtc Sounds like you want a whitelist that blocks everything except posts containing bitcoin specific keywords.

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@LefterisJP I’d suggest going to and looking for topics that tend to be about forward…jG

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It’s easy (intellectually lazy) to be broadly pessimistic about the future; it’s in our nature to share & dwell…Jo

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