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February 25th, 2023

A step-by-step guide to building your own bitcoin-powered priority inbox.…

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@timechain_ @ord_bot No idea what it is, some kind of DNS I suppose?

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@ecurrencyhodler @arikaleph When life gives you blizzards, make milkshakes.

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@PRAWN_S0L0 Craig’s a scammer who has been promising to crash the bitcoin price for many years. Nothing to worry about.

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The hilarious thing is that this is what Craig Wright has been trying (and failing) to achieve for years!…

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Amsterdam, 2017.

Jihan: “Forking is inevitable, like how religious schisms cause forks.”

Me: *starts laughing*…jP

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Afterward I spent several days working from Bitmain’s Amsterdam office & chatted with Jihan Wu about scaling. He…Xm

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6 years ago I spoke at The Future of Bitcoin, a conference for big blockers. It was where Bitcoin ABC was…Ic

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@ErikVoorhees If you need a legal compliant chain, there’s always BSV amirite?

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Employees trade their time for money.
Entrepreneurs trade their money for time.

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It is because Bitcoin can be so many things to so many people that it has gained widespread interest and adoption……Mg

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There are a lot of crypto companies masquerading as protocols. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to analyze the…Gd

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