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February 23rd, 2023

lopp Bitcoin is not:
A crypto republic
Crypto democracy
Crypto socialism
Crypto communism

Bitcoin is crypto anarchy.

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@Wizardtoshi This sounds like double spending of time to me.

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Can anyone explain how it’s possible to serve multiple prison sentences concurrently?

I’m not a physicist, but I’…NX

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lopp The only Bitcoin critics who matter are the ones who are contributing to building the system.

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@MikeIppolito_ Note that I said “trust minimization” because it’s far more specific a topic. Using “centralized” an…

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@MikeIppolito_ Centralization is pretty much always the easy path; expecting anything to become less decentralized…

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Ethereum’s layer 2 rollups are not as trust minimized as folks seem to believe.…

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@fthilbay Where will the book be available for purchase?

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So anyway, we all started zappin’ on that other network.

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