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February 28th, 2023

lopp Twitter tips & tricks:
* Know your audience.
* Timing is everything.
* Keep it real. Let the tweets come to you,…Uo

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lopp welcome to web3 where every click is a taxable event

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@danafrica If you’re a crypto blogger, you’re painting a target on your back.

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@RZ_3_ Sounds like you’ve made your mother a single point of failure for your funds.

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On this day in 2016 the first draft of the Lightning Network whitepaper was published to!

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@RZ_3_ Arbitrary velocity limits? No. The solution is to make sure you are not a single point of failure.…

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Oops. On the bright side, they ought to have plenty of bitcoin on hand to pay the ransom!…

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A group of four men attacked investment blogger Yuri Boytsov at his villa in Bali, beating him until he unlocked…8j

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@121922640TDMMD Looks like the daily emails also have videos. I’ll clarify.

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Do you learn best from structured lectures and homework? Check out these Bitcoin focused classes - the online…je

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