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September 14th, 2019

@pourteaux Naive folks tend to claim that citizens clinging to their rifles don’t stand a chance against heavy weap…

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@tomato_crypto It appears you haven’t been studying history very well either.

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We are “afraid” of the effects of concentrated power. Why? We refuse to forget the atrocities committed by “authori…

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Try not to get triggered by my gun puns.

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What does money have in common with steak? They’re both best when rare.

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@ChipHooWah But law enforcers can murder me if the law changes and I refuse to comply? Here’s your interesting pers…

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@solotradinginc @MrMichaelNye AR-15 is a platform, it can be chambered for many rounds but the standard is .223 / 5.56NATO

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Excellent drink selection as usual @hodlhodl Baltic Honeybadger 2019

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RT @udiWertheimer: This is a fantastic document. It thoroughly details the various threats one might face when managing keys, explains the…

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@nkajmas79 Agreed, having something higher powered like a .50 is optimal but outside the price range for most folks.

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@MrMichaelNye It’s funny because it’s also technically correct.

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My AR-15 identifies as a pistol.

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@novogratz μολὼν λαβέ

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Bitcoin doesn’t arbitrarily block your transactions just because you are in the “wrong” country.

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As of today, ~80% of countries have mandatory SIM registration laws, effectively requiring realtime surveillance of…

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hodlhodl Baltic Honeybadger 2019 Livestream day 1:

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@MennoPP μολὼν λαβέ

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@MennoPP Because any legal enforcement action is backed by violence - that is the very essence of law enforcement.…

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Aspiring tyrant threatens millions of peaceful gun owners with violence, plays the victim card when informed that s…

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