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September 20th, 2019

@BitcoinMagazine We made it another week without getting rekt by the universe.…

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@Coinsurfer2000 The Bitcoin Core repository has about 168,000 lines of C++ code in the main source, but if you…zZ

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When Satoshi released Bitcoin v0.1.0 it was comprised of slightly under 32,000 lines of code, over half of which…Co

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Competition in the bitcoin security hardware market looks like it’s going to be heating up soon, as I’ve come…yq

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If you truly believe that you have nothing to hide, you have my sympathies for living such a boring life.

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@La__Cuen @ameensol Is this a toxic bitcoin maximalist? ☝️🦋

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Legislators in Bali propose a bill that criminalizes:
* Cohabitation outside of marriage
* Sex outside of…X4

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