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September 30th, 2019

If you find yourself worrying about whether or not your favorite crypto asset might be classified as a security, you’ve already lost.

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@GabrielDVine @itsminawhile Both are correct. Next block expected 10 minutes from now; expected time between blocks is 20 minutes.

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@AriannaSimpson Sir bitcoin fixes this… if you require them to pay before messaging you.

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The next bitcoin block is always expected to arrive 10 minutes from now. Don’t let your monkey brain fool you…fh

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“The thing that Bitcoin is trying to achieve will only, and can only, be achieved by Bitcoin.” - @pete_rizzo_…

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@kyletorpey @alexbosworth Haha I bought backup power cords myself :-D

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@alexbosworth When I was a kid my parents would take away the power cords to the computer to force me to go play outside.

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