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February 6th, 2020

@roasbeef Coming soon: Lightning Loppsided™, a service that intentionally routes funds in order to make channels…CU

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BitcoinMagazine There is unequivocal evidence that the majority of people in the United States who have phone number accounts…Id

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Unfortunately I have to notify you with the fact that you were maintaining your hot/cold storage the exact…Rf

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muneeb We’re believers in Bitcoin.

Today, we’re proposing Proof of Transfer (PoX) that anchors the security of Stacks…4p

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@billy_btc GPG and PGP are just different solutions for what is functionally the same standard. This looks like a…1e

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There are fewer than 6 million PGP keys that have been published to the pool of SKS key servers. That’s less than…f3

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@iwearahoodie @MangoFarmAssets That does make sense given that it’s their hardware. Somehow I missed the mobile app announcement.

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@markfakelast Yes, iOS won’t allow us to talk to devices via USB for some ridiculous reason.

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Is this the first iOS wallet with native support for secure hardware? Major milestone!…

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Number (of Bitcoin teller machines) go up. In fact, it has only ever gone down during one month - November 2015……by

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