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February 12th, 2020


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@zorinaq Lethal weapons should be the last line of defense; my coverage of other defensive layers can be found here:…

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@crypto_hal @EFF Yes, and it ultimately comes down to the question of whether or not the employee was disparaging…9b

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@EFF Sounds more like a potential breach of contract issue than a first amendment issue to me.

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@rcrsv As stated at the conclusion, firearms are a last line of defense in a multi-layered system. My…pH

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@AmadoCruz “Brandishing” in legal terms is when you are threatening an innocent person via intimidation; if you…90

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@HODLingOnward Do you have any tests to point to? My concern was that the Box O’ Truth still found frangible 5.56…F0

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@octal It’s hard to make generalizations because even the type of ammo can make a bigger difference than the…y7

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By popular demand: the things I think anyone who intends to have firearms as part of their home defense strategy…9N

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CasaHODL At Casa we’re helping people improve their bitcoin & personal security.

Your home is your castle—learn how to…spJ

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“Why should I include nation states in my threat model for securing my private keys? I’ve done nothing wrong; the…lj

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Only a matter of time before we see this type of tech used to build surveillance drones the size of mosquitoes.…

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The fact that the amount of unclaimed BCH and BSV fork coins are so low and similar gives more weight to the…TI

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