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February 10th, 2020

Few people realize that Coindesk actually soft forked to Coindesk BSV (Barry Silbert’s Vision.)

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RT @lylepratt: @lopp I’ve got some LOC in a side project that does this 🙃

Additionally: Easily attach a phone number to your onion addres…

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@grempe I’d also like the ability to set a 402 Payment Required for incoming calls from non-whitelisted entities.

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@BitcoinMemeHub I expect you’d need a new protocol to start a new phone network. Not saying it would be easy.

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Replace the antiquated phone number system with onion addresses.
* Anyone can create a new one practically for free…

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@simoanorak I made no claims about “better” or “worse.”

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@realDanWilliam I’ve been speaking to anyone who will listen for many years; not sure what else I’m supposed to do.

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@ThanosB0t My tweet is not a dream but rather an observation of what I’m already seeing.

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@_jonasschnelli_ I didn’t claim all of the impacts made by these individuals will be positive 🙃

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Bitcoin is creating a new class of high net worth individuals who will reshape the world via entrepreneurship, investment, and philanthropy.

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@michael_benj @MoonIcarus They’re referring to my griefing of this Twitter bot:

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