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March 6th, 2020

“Cancel Culture” has taken on a new meaning this week.

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@LukeDashjr It’s a risk I’m willing to take!

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I’m attending a Bitcoin conference this weekend.
No mask.
No gloves.
No goggles.
I’ll just sit there.
In meatspace.
Like a psychopath.

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Probably unpopular opinion: I’d rather NOT live under a government that has sufficient surveillance, competence, an…

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@kallerosenbaum Due to heavy filtering, most times I don’t even get notified.

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@AriDavidPaul @danheld Sir you seem to be forgetting that Jesus had a posse.

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@eamonkwalsh @danheld @AriDavidPaul People should have the right to freely assemble, with or without firearms.

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@ConquerTrades Sir, if you explain the joke it’s not funny any more.

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@AriDavidPaul While such events are rare they do occur; it’s a question of force disparity. One of the more recent…

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@antsankov Indeed, my joke is funny on multiple levels.

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He clearly didn’t have enough to stop agents of the State from torturing and murdering him.

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