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March 23rd, 2020

@barackomaba @HalfLifeAlyx It gets tiring carrying around a shield since there’s no “grip lock” button…

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RussellOkung Think of it less in terms of the “price of bitcoin” and more in terms of the “exchange rate between BTC & USD”…Vt

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Headcrabs are far scarier when you have to actually reach up and rip them off your face. @HalfLifeAlyx

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@Does_not_mattr 4.98 - I’m baffled as to why I’m only allowed to put full magazines in my backpack.

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Escaping from reality in Half Life: Alyx and then I get to Chapter 2: The Quarantine Zone.

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Half Life: Alyx has the most immersive virtual reality environments yet - you can interact with nearly anything!…

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The government’s lack of creativity is really disappointing. They only need to mint 330 of these trillion dollar…9Z

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