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March 18th, 2020

Free men don’t ask permission to defend themselves.
Free men don’t ask permission to defend the weak and needy.

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@PurpleSuede22 If you have a decent windows gaming PC or are willing to build one, I’d go with the Valve Index.

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@druidian Social media moderators probably have special hardware requirements that are only available at their phys…

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@BrianLockhart Don’t stockpile supplies unless you’re also stockpiling arms with which to defend them…

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@pendragonn Banner at the top of youtube, probably only gets display to content creators.

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YouTube is going into a Cancel Culture feedback loop; cancelling human workers (why can’t they work from home?) mea…

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@CoinedPrince This seminar was held yesterday but for announcements about future ones, join

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If you have never seen a Bitcoin Socratic Seminar, here is your chance! Socratic Seminars have been held in meatspa…

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@JohanDXB Complexity is the enemy of security - the more complex a system you build, the harder it becomes to reaso…

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Apparently ethereum transactions were not being executed due to network congestion, thus liquidation auctions for M…

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