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March 26th, 2020

@nvk Look at you
Taunting the exchange rate
Like a psychopath

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We’re going to win so much, you’re going to be so sick and tired of winning!

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@rebuilding12 Haven’t finished, but it’s the best half life game yet and I’ve played them all.

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@mihaim Vive Pro with the wireless adapter

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@BrandRev1984 Yeah I’ve been using full locomotion the whole time; I’ve had my VR legs for years.

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Half Life Alyx pros:
Fun puzzles
Scavenging is realistic, digging through piles of junk.
Ability to open doors / ti…

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@manan19 Unfortunately “anonymized” data often isn’t as anonymous as you’d think.

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Want to see the true potential impact of that tracking device you carry everywhere with you?

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Money is a mutually agreed-upon concept that belongs to no one, to no entity. If money is to operate fairly then it…

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RT @CasaHODL: ⚠️PSA - Be on the lookout for #COVID19 resources that may in fact be malicious.

@briankrebs recently called our attention to…

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@jillruthcarlson Are you suggesting there should be rioting in order for the pandemic to kill off a large portion o…

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RT @Maxbuybit: New episode now live with @lopp

We talk #bitcoin, multisig and freedom.

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