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March 24th, 2020

Perspective: the United States just announced the creation of nearly 50 Bitcoins worth of dollars out of thin air……cn

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@theinstagibbs That’s why we built in user-friendly health checks!

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CasaHODL 📈📉🤯

Trading is stressful

Cold storage isn’t

☃️ ☃️ ☃️

Keep calm and HODL on with Casa multisig

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Long gone is the cash in the mattress
Now it’s all tied up in hashes
Wrapped up in encrypted batches…

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Why bother with taxes? A few answers come to mind:
* To put you in your place
* To employ a huge industry of over…FX

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“Organized crime” is a pejorative term employed by large-scale organizations that have achieved a monopoly on…4u

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Monkey Brain: “oooo pretty pattern will repeat”
Seasoned Trader: “patterns don’t repeat after being publicly…qm

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@mark_engelberg I’m on a Vive Pro but it supports a variety of VR platforms.

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@KlausLovgreen @theonevortex Hmmmmm it says it supports Rift so I’d think it would support Quest……

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