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March 10th, 2020

freegunzone 3D print guns at home instead of going to the gun store.

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The point of using a blockchain is to ensure that cheaters never win.

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Looks like the securities lending market for GBTC shares is heating up.

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RT @PeterMcCormack: *Bitcoin Beginner’s Guide Part 16*

WBD201 - The Future of Bitcoin with @jeremyrwelch. We discuss:
- Hyperbitcoinisatio…

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@dimarcangelo @CasaHODL Yes; we had a workspace on west coast for node assembly and an apartment on east coast that…

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@Maroye @CasaHODL There are several decent virtual reality table tennis games available 🤔

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@AnthonyParkHere @CasaHODL Mainly I’d think things that are still heavily grounded in the physical world / reliant…

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@MyLegacyKit Truthful? Craig can’t hack his way out of a paper bag.

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Physical headquarters create a single point of failure. @CasaHODL is a remote-only company.

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Evidence that bolsters the stock to flow model?

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