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August 9th, 2021

fuck the fucking fuckers

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All you have to do is advocate for widespread use of strong cryptography and privacy-enhancing technologies.…rM

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Signal call your local cypherpunk and implore them to build more tor bridges and anchor more lightning channels.…WZ

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lopp The “toxicity” of cryptotwitter is still far preferable to that of traditional politics, in which people tacitly…Po

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lopp Politics is the result of getting upset with actions of other people and thus wanting to control those people…Zn

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On the subject of systems that enable transacting without intermediaries:

“It’s too powerful to stop. It’s a bad…QA

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@muneeb Hit this in Phoenix recently. Guess they’re rolling it out all over.…

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jimmysong & Politics. Simplicity gets Schnorr, Understanding BTC privacy, CoinOS, LN Size, Charge per download, LN…s9

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I am a zero issue voter.

I will not legitimize bullshit being imposed upon me.

I will do my best to avoid being…ni

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It is a tactical error to play games for which the rules can be easily changed without your consent.

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We are not a lobby.

We are a swarm.

Expect us.

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