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October 18th, 2021

$BTFD going live soon, next we need $WGMI & $HFSP BTC ETFs.

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RT @zerohedge: The American Dream Is Dead And Bitcoin Has Replaced It

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ForbesCrypto How the rich store their bitcoin: by @lopp

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@TwitterSupport please make tweet previews more predictable when I’m embedding both a link and a tweet URL into a t…

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Parents, please educate your kids about the cardinal rule of Bitcoin. H/T @Mitantar

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Schrödinger’s trillionaire: it’s plausible that in the coming years the world’s first trillionaire will be Satoshi…

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@in2the7thmatrix @murchandamus Not necessarily. You can’t know if a double spend transaction may have been sent to mining pools out of band.

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@RaoulGMI Tip: don’t fight the tide of memes, they’re outside of your control.

Just chill and go with the flow.

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