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March 13th, 2023

@DavidVorick You thought you could be snarky without getting trolled? That’s par for the course.

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Remember when Bitcoin was a joke?

Now they’re saying it’s a threat to the banking system.

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lopp Hospital bill for delivering a baby + 1 week recuperation in 1956.

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@rogerkver When you make sweeping statements about the actions / beliefs of “bitcoin maximalists” you sound as…uO

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lopp Self custody maximalists continue building.

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The tech industry should be pissed that politicians are fucking with your finances.

But it is not necessary to…G8

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yassineARK Over the weekend, Bitcoin settled ~$33 billion, facilitated ~600k transactions, & issued 2,037 new BTC at a…Of

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VCs were working through the weekend to help give their portfolio companies options to shore up their finances…Ww

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@hoffmang @stack_collymore @sthenc @naval I will have a lot to say on protocol ossification in the coming months.

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Everybody’s freaking out, trying to figure out which bank is safe so they can move their funds.

There is no…SM

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Did the Corpse-in-Chief’s speech fail to instill confidence in the banking system?

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Bank stocks are trading like shitcoins today. Nature is healing!

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A miracle happened over the weekend: a bunch of bankers were actually working!

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The user experience on Twitter has really gone downhill due to the ads (and my Blue subscription was revoked for…zs

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Are you a Bitcoin node operator who is overwhelmed by the 170+ configuration options offered by Bitcoin Core?…G0

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