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March 27th, 2023

piovincenzo_ Super excited to have @lopp on @TheBitcoinShow_ tomorrow at 12PM EST.

Tune in as we discuss Bitcoin security,…h2

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“Bitcoin is both a tool and a movement… some of the users of the tool are part of the movement, but the vast…GQ

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lopp Why do so many otherwise intelligent folks hold and propagate misconceptions about Bitcoin? Because they haven’t…4y

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@WhatBitcoinDid @ziggamon Nice; you touched on a lot of aspects of Bitcoin culture that I covered in my latest…Bw

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@nic__carter the revolution will not be calm

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Does anyone still use RSS readers?
Should I publish an RSS feed of my writings?

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@_milehighlivin It’s a neutral pronoun; we don’t know for certain if Satoshi was male or female, a single person or a group.

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An Indian couple faked a robbery at their house in an attempt to get their friend to hand over his bitcoin, but…Lz

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.@saylor is employing the Pokemon strategy: gotta catch ‘em all!

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GPT generated summary of my most recent essay in case you’re not sure if you want to spend an hour reading it.…f8

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A decent number of US Congress members speak favorably about Bitcoin. But how many of them actually believe in it…K7

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