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March 21st, 2023

lopp There is no web site, forum, social media account, foundation, code repository, conference, enterprise alliance,…QB

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@twobitidiot To be fair, it is too risky to the Fed.

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This was considered comedically obese 30 years ago. The average American male’s weight has increased by 20 pounds (…qi

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@kofinas @balajis The institutions have proven themselves to be corrupt and untrustworthy; how do you propose they can be reformed?

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Had a friend ask if I was worried about my money in the bank.

I laughed and explained that I only keep 3 months…kl

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@allenf32 Debt is “number go up” technology.

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@adam3us I know a guy who proved he ain’t.

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It’s hard to find trustworthy reporting in the crypto space. Many “news” sites are pay-to-play or have incentives…mO

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