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March 28th, 2023

@nft_cuckold Correct. There are a multitude of ways to screw up or to get screwed when you use Bitcoin.

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@SatoshiNkmt @parman_the You live in an incredibly small echo chamber if you think everyone is making fun of me

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@parman_the Truly pure bitcoiners can’t have bank accounts amirite?

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@raknak Prepare to welcome your robot overlords.

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Biden says he has exhausted the limits of his executive power with regard to gun control.

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lopp No good can come from revealing your bitcoin balance to friends or family.

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@ThisIsNuse @elonmusk Yep. They blocked my personal VPN a few weeks ago though mullvad was working until this week.

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FederMarek Really and I mean REALLY interesting read by @lopp:

“Bitcoin maximalism is neither dead nor is it dying. It is…mP

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Evidence that Bitcoin’s energy use isn’t high enough yet - we have yet to impact the military industrial complex.…oe

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@Clayton_B_Biggs The real question is if phone number KYC is really necessary given that they’re already imposing…AL

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Twitter recently started blocking my self hosted VPN (data center) IP address… but only for search functionality……Oh

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Going live on @TheBitcoinShow_ to talk about maximalism, security, and other hot topics!…

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@InPHARMaticist Yeah kinda, because I publish on many different platforms.

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Bitcoin node operators may run these to block a suspected surveillance service:

bitcoin-cli setban…s1

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0xB10C An entity I call LinkingLion, active since 2018 and on a Monero banlist, is opening connections to many clearnet…S8

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“Dear client, we are deplatforming you due to your unacceptable entropy.”…

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@mir_btc Nostr is for my spicy takes that need censorship resistance.

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There are a plethora of metrics available about different aspects of the Bitcoin network. They can help us track…iy

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