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June 22nd, 2014

JtotheOE @lopp is bringing crypto to Mensa. Watch out for this dude. He understands what is under the hood of .

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You can lead a human to information, but you can’t make it learn.

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Had a blast at @BitcoinBeltway - 2.5 days just wasn’t enough time to meet everyone. One thing is clear: lots of smart folks are innovating.

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pig_poetry Beer and kimchi at Ramen Underground in San Francisco. Paid for with bitcoin. We toasted to the new economy.

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Core dev @jgarzik discussing the BitSat project to launch Bitcoin nodes into orbit.

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newsyc20 Employees That Stay In Companies Longer Than 2 Years Get Paid 50% Less (

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“Next month I’ll be launching the world’s first publicly traded Bitcoin hedge fund in London.” @paradimeshift

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“I believe that Bitcoin is a measure of global instability. It is no coincidence that it emerged after 2008.” @paradimeshift

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“Switzerland is becoming a Mecca for cryptography and cryptofinance.” Chris Odom, Monetas

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@pmccall777 @anonymouscoin Dark Markets pave the road to free markets, users are early adopters of future morality.

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@JtotheOE Sure am! If you want to meet up, I have a free hour at noon…

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“Dark Markets act as a transition economy to help us work towards truly free markets.” @anonymouscoin

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Parallels: “abolitionists were early adopters of morality, Underground Railroad is analogous to Silk Road.” @anonymouscoin

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“Fiat currencies are secured by Proof of Violence and facilitate the execution of Thug Contracts.” @anonymouscoin

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