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September 3rd, 2015

@CathyReisenwitz It’s laughable that the judge has the power to imprison her but not the power to tell her to go home & not come to work.

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flyosity Funding rounds shouldn’t be lettered A, B, C, they should be given names like hurricanes. “Yeah we’re trying to land a big Series Elmo now.”

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@motherfunkier Right, the current state of the BIP would require 80% consensus to move in either direction.

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I’m pleased to report that the BIP100 “21% miner attack” to force block limit decreases is no longer an issue.

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Behold: engineering decisions being implemented as a result of Reddit discussions.

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BIP100 technical specification draft is live at

IMO @jgarzik should merge this PR:

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BitGo Check out our cool new app! Easy and secure way to generate BIP32 backup keys with our iOS KeyTool app.

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