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September 18th, 2015

New Statoshi dashboard: Transaction Fee & Priority Estimates
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Will Bitcoin Core’s 4 year old request for bandwidth throttling be implemented in XT?

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“Bitcoin mining is an unneccessary source of pollution, so we’re setting caps on allowed carbon emissions.” - Envionmental Protection Agency

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“Bitcoin mining is highly inefficient, so we’re setting caps on the allowable wattage per user.” - US Department of Energy

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bencxr Just crawled the . Number of P2SH transactions/day in Sep increased almost twofold (84%) compared to Jun.

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Transaction spam seems to have abated as of last night; mempool back to normal levels of < 5,000 transactions.

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@yrashk Whatever amount of computational resources is available, developers will always find a way to use it all and still need more :-)

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“I have a general rule now of not starting new businesses in the US. The regulatory system is messy.” @ErikVoorhees

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@jgarzik @barrysilbert @CNBC @mattclinch81 I suspect each government agency will define Bitcoin in whatever way gives them most jurisdiction

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