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December 17th, 2015

20 bytes every 10 minutes works out to slightly more than 1 megabyte per year.…

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SoberLook Chart: Argentine peso drops 26% as currency controls lifted -

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zerohedge All Of The World’s Money And Markets In One Visualization…

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pmarca Big companies desperately hoping for blockchain without Bitcoin is exactly like 1994: Can’t we please have online without Internet?? 😀

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@flyosity @the_intercept @lhfang Because he’s pro-crony capitalism. “Free enterprise” means we can buy government protection woohoo!

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@FUSARtech How do you ensure that recent footage isn’t corrupted in case of power loss? I worry about reports like…

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@cypherdoc2 It was, but @orionwl confirmed that he dropped his commit access. That’s what I linked to.

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Gregory Maxwell has voluntarily removed his commit permission from Bitcoin Core.…

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