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December 27th, 2015

@pa49 No special defenses are needed against “infiltrators” as long as there is public discourse. Suppressing debate is a slippery slope.

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@aantonop And yet their code is open source. It would be such a shame if someone were to fork it…

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@ImpossibleBTC @brian_armstrong You should probably start over at the beginning. Note the title - it’s not e-gold.

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@LaurentMT Right, it’s irrelevant as to which path is optimal. If an opposing idea is so terrible, it should not require underhanded tactics

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Coercion, suppression of information, interference with public discourse. These are not tactics employed by parties acting in good faith.

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blockchain news: milestones, remittances, & a new age of practicality @PopSci @lopp @JoTurkishWeekly @timesofindia

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Despite progress made at Scaling Bitcoin, the community schism isn’t improving.

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