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October 4th, 2016

“A huge # of physical objects have a vested interest held in them by multiple parties. Blockchains can aid in their coordination.” - @hahntj

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You can check out a demo or kickstart your own IoT blockchain project with Watson IoT Lab services at…

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“Know how aircraft logs are updated? If your pilot says they’re waiting on paperwork, that’s literal. Great blockchain use case.” - @hahntj

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“The more visibility you gain into global logistics, the clearer it becomes that supply chains are held together…jS

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@macdasi Maybe the code is airtight, but at initial glance it’s hard to read which makes it easier for bugs to slip in.

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@maraoz Hm, dividing by ONE changes the value of the dividend? Fascinating!

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“Sorry we didn’t censor posts to keep the marketplace a safe space.” - Words you’ll never hear from @openbazaar.…

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@brianchoffman @rogerkver I think that a lot of people would benefit from spending less time on Reddit.

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Excited to host @hahntj at tonight’s @TriangleBitcoin & Business meetup about the intersection of IoT & blockchains!…

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Bitcoin’s hash rate is on pace to triple this year.

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@theonevortex I’ll refer to @aantonop’s “sewer rat” metaphor. So long as devs & community don’t give up, they will continue to improve tech.

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Onslaught of attacks won’t break Ethereum, but incur a real time cost as apps delay plans & Geth devs fight fires.…

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