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October 11th, 2016

mriou Another attack: state has grown by over 2GB in last 1700 blocks (~7h). Picturing all the hard drives filling up right now.

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@TuurDemeester Scaling argument is about prioritization & sequencing. Long term we’ll scale at every layer.

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British pound down 6.4% in past 2 weeks. Tell me again about the safety and stability of currencies issued by first world countries…

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Bitcoin history: P2SH was a somewhat contentious soft fork and its activation threshold was 55% of hashrate.

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@BitcoinBelle No, I suspect that’s just to throw people off and “explain away” the reason why there are no tweets on the account.

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@BitcoinBelle They have a different BTC address, presumably trolling for tips from people who think they are you.

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@BitcoinBelle Um, is this an imposter version of you who just popped up: @BitcoinBeIIe

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@Truthcoin True, though an activation orphaning attack is functionally equivalent to just lowering activation threshold & forking them off.

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@petertoddbtc @prestonjbyrne Yes, but this one is accurately named. Why do you think it’s called “Hacker Gold?” May as well be named “SFYL.”

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RT @coindesk: In Raleigh, North Carolina, a father-and-son team are bucking the trend of industrial bitcoin mining:

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