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September 2nd, 2020

Some of those that work forces
are the same that burn crosses

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chaque maire français est sans couilles…

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Some universities are amending their honor code to make attending parties a violation.

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David Blaine’s balloon skydiving stunt was awesome but it doesn’t top the Turkish Couch Potato Paraglider.…

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An xpub is also known as a Master Extended Public Key.

Who will propose fixing this terminology?

/cc @PeterMcCormack

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@patio11 I planted this seed in June; it’s getting ready to harvest.…

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@nonamedjs Why do you think I’m putting my robot sympathies in the public domain well before the uprising? 🙃

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@FarooqAhmedX A robot is one potential manifestation of synthetic life, but ultimately it’s just a shell.

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Synthetic Lives Matter

(according to my projections this tweet will eventually become relevant)

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CasaHODL Sign up for our weekly security newsletter and get tips like this straight to your inbox. ⬇️…L3

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If you tell friends to buy bitcoin, they will most likely:

* panic sell at a loss
* sell early and miss…jw

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Bullish on Bitcoin investment theses.
Just added half a dozen new theses to…

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@WhalePanda Isn’t that the one that has been hacked a dozen times? Might be for the best.

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Without government, how would we know the government is failing to do its job?

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A dog is one of the few things in this world that is what it seems to be.

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