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September 12th, 2020

The elegance of Proof of Work’s brute force approach is in its simplicity. No work? No problem - no reward!…

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@Wealth_Bitcoin Yes, we even have a guide for how to do that if you’re a Casa client.…

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@KayBeSee Depends on use case. In 2017 when I was at BitGo we had an influx of users struggling with high-UTXO…cO

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Behold - I am reborn in virtual form!

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@DoctorTringale The number of inputs to your transaction is going to be bounded by how many deposits you’ve made…8L

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@LlanbroUplift It’s relative to one’s net worth and what you’re willing to lose. I’d suggest multisig to folks…ZS

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If you want to self custody large amounts of bitcoin, multisig is the preferred method for creating highly robust…tZ

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