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September 6th, 2020

@scottwalker99 I’m just subtweeting today’s bitcoin bike shedding.

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@JameyTyler It meant that no one was allowed to talk at all while in the cafeteria, under penalty of suspension.…Kj

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In 7th grade I was suspended from school for pointing at a friend during a “silent lunch” (mass punishment) to…3x

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@flyosity Lowering the bar for zero tolerance.

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This is the kind of bullshit that happens when you allow agents of the state into your home, even if it’s just…8S

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What if I told you that the names of variables are only relevant to developers because the code ends up getting…WV

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@brucefenton This change has absolutely no functional effect, so I wouldn’t characterize it as prioritizing anything over anything else.

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Are you irresponsibly long on bitcoin but have doubts about your security? Schedule a call with @CasaHODL to…m4

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@CoinDesk @paoloardoino @Tether_to If you can bet that you are solvent then that’s basically free money, yeah?

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