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September 18th, 2020

@ErikVoorhees Technological innovation will continue to accelerate; will this result in the legal system lagging…0y

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@matthew_d_green Trimming the bush to create a glory hole sounds like the right number of entendres to me; it will work itself out.

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@ErikVoorhees I’ve been asked that question many times and thankfully it’s a simple answer: we never have control…QW

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@ErikVoorhees The flip side is that it’s equally frustrating that projects / exchanges won’t come out and explain…3K

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@ErikVoorhees Probably because they know the law is open to interpretation and don’t want to end up being on the…pK

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In the Information Age the weapons are digital, the front lines are in cyberspace, & nation states find…Qd

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Imagine being the “most powerful nation in the world” and feeling threatened by a mobile app.…

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Wait, “VPNs” is trending? Privacy is finally cool?

Oh, the kids want to route around censorship to get their…ai

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@michael_saylor You got the hang of Twitter pretty quick! 👏👏

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michael_saylor is a swarm of cyber hornets serving the goddess of wisdom, feeding on the fire of truth, exponentially…V2

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Not a fan of stock to flow models? There’s also the “Never Look Back Price” model! The NLB price is the last time…dy

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@EarnBetAL Indeed! There are no more than 165,000 BTC on Lightning network.…

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Broke: there is more bitcoin on ethereum than on lightning network.
Woke: there is 0 bitcoin on ethereum and it’s…Cq

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@fluffypony Depends on how many office doors Bezos has

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The robustness of any platform should be judged by the “how many doors must be kicked down” metric. If the answer…AA

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The duopoly of Apple and Google’s mobile app stores has become a dangerous chokepoint for freedom of speech. App…Rz

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Latest report from @ARKInvest shows that there are a variety of value capture paths Bitcoin could take to become…tY

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@0xfactor1 @thewiseturtle Absolutely! However, from looking at their github repositories it looks like the…Pk

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@EarnBetAL It’s called adversarial thinking; I recommend applying it liberally against every project.

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