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September 8th, 2020

No, I shall not kneel before Twitter’s “top tweets” algorithm. Gimme that raw feed directly into my ocular nerve,…O1

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@ljxie Do you read every tweet in your twitter timeline? 🧐

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Benford’s Law statistical analysis suggests Russia is manipulating their reported COVID-19 cases……GM

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CasaHODL We’re giving away TWO one-year Gold memberships on our Instagram! Head to our IG page now to…Ez

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Rough consensus is unquantifiable. It’s one of those “I know it when I see it” sort of classifications. If you…Ui

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@pierre_rochard Nope. Trivial to trigger with sybil accounts.

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In meatspace it only takes 1 angry party to start a fight; the target has no choice but to defend themselves.


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This @pwuille Fact has been proven to be a @pwuille Falsehood! It turns out that the bug was discovered and…Zf

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@CryptoWilfred @pwuille Ah neat, generally BIP authors are the ones who actually find / implement things. I…Rw

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Thank you for subscribing to @pwuille Facts.

Did you know? Pieter Wuille discovered how to mine another 21,000,…36

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m__btc Not a coder but still want to contribute to Core? There are 123 languages available and only 16 of those…4H

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