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September 24th, 2020

@OneBuckSwope Better to be heavily outgunned than insanely outgunned.

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Well, if the State sends heavily armed and armored thugs to invade your home then a handgun with 10 rounds simply…va

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What if the Ring drone narcs on you when it sees what you’re doing with your 3D printer?…

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I’m presenting at @magicalcrypto VR tomorrow - it’s gonna be lit!

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The gap between future cyberpunk dystopia and current cyberpunk dystopia is narrowing.


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@PaddysPubKey Column CB of… shows 545 / 6029 respondents (9%) stating that they are…7m

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FOSS contributors are ~95% males, < 10% minorities.

We are privileged to have time to spend volunteering.


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A: The same thing we do every day; continue building systems to route around them.

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@KevLeht @PrimeTrustCo While there may very well be business opportunities in networking with that crowd, it’s…g8

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@BookofNick It’s in a safe I can’t access at the moment but it’s basically one of these with a sticker on the back…

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I recently found a DIY 1 BTC silver coin I created in 2014; does it have any collectible value as the only physical Lopp-minted coin?

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