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September 29th, 2020

We have the technology to only enable the mic of the person who has been allotted time to speak.

But let’s be…23

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For sure, the next generation’s gonna innovate some next level dystopian shit.…

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I’m drunk and still can’t overlook the fact that:

Biden has made multiple self-contradictory slip-ups.


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@danheld @danheldn I think the folks manning the @TwitterSupport impersonation reports are on vacation. They used to be pretty responsive.

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No need for a presidential debate bingo card tonight.

Simply drink whenever you have a pervasive feeling of dread.

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We can’t know for sure, but we can be sure that none of Craig Wright’s patents are holding anyone back.…

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folks who store value in fiat be like

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@defrost94 @CasaHODL It can be additionally tricky because on Ledger and Coldcard you have to change settings /…I1

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@devilninja777 @DanDarkPill High time preference; I was burning my publicly registered possessions.

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@alistairmilne @krakenfx These are rookie numbers; @BashCo_ you gotta up your sockpuppet game.

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@pmccall777 You could probably crash it to 0 with $10,000 - the daily trading volume is only a few grand.

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Remember Bitcoin Private?
Once valued over $1,000,000,000 now it’s $500,000…

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Bitcoin fork farming and reinvesting in BTC has been a profitable strategy. H/T @krakenfx

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