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March 1st, 2021

@NeerajKA IIRC Hal stopped mining because it made his laptop hot.

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Volatility is, by definition, a necessary condition for overperformance. Blessed be the hodlers.…

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@BrianLockhart I gotta admit, I’m not one of the few

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If you’re a billionaire who wants to escape from Earth, how do you take your wealth with you? 🤔

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One of the dumbest things you can do is confidently state that ____ has no value. No matter how ridiculous it may…65

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New York Attorney General: “Don’t trade crypto!”
Goldman Sachs: HODL MY BEER

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cryptgm It’s happening! 159 Bitcoiners from all ages came together to recite the whitepaper and pay their respect to…m3

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@bitcoinNode16 @iggiduckets @bluewalletio 103k sats sounds far too high for the BSV spam. On a related note, I’m…sy

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FYI @TwitterSafety, this account is making threats of violence because it isn’t able to balance a budget.…

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@Atorko_ Indeed, I’m not sure if anyone really has a grasp on the limits of total long term memory.

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If we manage to 10X life expectancy, I worry that from the perspective of a millenarian each day would pass by in the blink of an eye.

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@cullenroche @prestonjbyrne Imagine if you could trade cryptographically verifiable autographs of artists for other things of value.

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@OneMorePeter Have you tried lifting heavy objects in lieu of caffeine?

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Your savings rate is the delta between your income and your ego.

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Kudos to Inner Mongolia for their initiative to further decentralize mining!…

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